Author : Delfi Partners
July 26, 2018

Delfi Partners & Company, one of the largest real estate asset manager in the region is the major sponsor of the 4th Edition European Investment Summit in Athens. The conference aims to promote Greece and Cyprus to local and foreign investors and inform them on the conditions and potential circumstances to be prepared for. This two-day event is being set up to also provide critical insight and guidance of the opportunities from NPL and real estate investing. Different investors, banks, and other members of the investment community from around Europe and North America are attending, and will share their experiences and opinions on NPL and real estate investing.

Some discussions include:

  • How has the NPL legal framework evolved in Greece and what is the current legislative trend?
  • What are the major recent reforms in Greece in relation with enforcement of claims?
  • What inefficiencies, negatively impacting foreign investors, occur at the Greek & Cypriot Real Estate markets? Are there any restrictions on foreign investment in real estate?
  • Main challenges for the Greek financial sector
  • Current status and evolution in the Greek NPE business environment
  • The state of play NPL servicing – servicers taking positions, will this change the market
  • What is the general climate of real estate investments in Greece? How are they affected by national economy?
  • Exclusive Interview: Recent Transaction in Cyprus
  • Future Challenges & Opportunities in Greece