Private Equity
Assisting local & international PE investors to adapt to a constantly shifting landscape aligning strategic objectives in a timely manner

Delfi Partners & Company is one of the prominent regional advisory partners to the private equity NPL investors and its key stakeholders. Our experts have extensive experience advising local and international private equity funds across various real estate asset classes and portfolios underwriting both borrowers/ NPLs and collateral/ real estate (covering all asset classes and sectors).

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Our expert teams can assist:

  • Re-designing methods of acquisitions, refined strategies, streamlining real estate assets and processes, strategic sourcing and cost reduction exercises, helping them maintain and increase their competitive advantage..
  • Companies which have become stagnant in identifying their competitive advantage and transforming their cost structure, identifying and executing changes in capital structure.
  • Exploring methods to monetising unutilised resources while aligning strategic objectives with implementation plans to maximise performance.

Private equity performance is better than previously thought, but success is getting harder to achieve. Such firms will need to adapt to a constantly shifting landscape. Our advisory practice supports our Clients across a broad range of services including:

  • Deal generation & execution
  • Transaction management & structuring
  • Due diligence
  • Value creation, exit strategies & planning
  • Private equity firm strategy & operations (incl. strategy development & planning)