Corporate Restructuring
Financial & operational re-engineering

Our expertise in this area gives us the insight and perspective to address the most complex business challenges. Different types of businesses have different needs. Thus, Delfi Partners provide tailored-made services to corporates, banks, professional firms, and private investors. Today’s uncertain market environment demands the financial and operational flexibility necessary to adapt to the unforeseen challenges and sometimes hidden opportunities that will inevitably arise along the way. Therefore, financial and/or operational restructuring will be required for many companies having a hard time to remain healthy and competitive.

Here at Delfi Partners we share a practical, results-oriented state of mind. We work side-by-side with our Clients to balance competing priorities including the re-structuring and re-engineering business processes and credit facilities, anticipating unforeseen risks and opportunities, and communicating with key constituents. In the current economic climate, ‘change’ is becoming a frequent phenomenon. In the face of this transformation, we provide tested techniques, expertise and leadership necessary to facilitate a successful turnaround.

We tackle problems practically and focus on quick decisions and sustainable progress. Therefore, we implement realistic business plans with exit strategies (business re-engineering), while stabilising key relationships with vendors, financial institutions and employees.

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