Delfi Partners & Company provides portfolio underwriting solutions for large NPL and REO portfolios.

We have a dedicated experienced team that can meet demanding project deadlines trained to use our in-house proprietary underwriting platform to assess collateralised portfolios. Delfi Partners can underwrite assets various valuation methodologies and benchmarking across our up-to-date transactional data from our in-house analytics platform. We have in-house solutions and cash-flow models to underwrite properties across all asset classes for complex collateralised portfolios. We can also assess the liquidity and commercial attractiveness of the portfolios while taking various factors into consideration including time-to-asset and time-to-market and other variables such as location, build quality, liquidity, absorption rates and investment attractiveness.

Our team uses various methodologies to develop the optimal asset management and disposal strategies for each asset. Our platform is constantly updated using in-house AI tools with the latest transactional and other relevant market information obtained from credible sources, including our internal transaction management department, network of associates and official government agencies.

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