Utilising the most comprehensive databank for the region, with AI tools specifically developed to ensure our database is up to date, we have developed proprietary Automated Valuation Models (AVM), utilising Automated Neural Networks (ANN) to deliver a state of the art, accurate platform to perform residential mortgage valuations in bulk.

Our Real Estate AVM & Econometrics practice, with its state-of-the art forecasts of market performance and risk analysis, offers valuable strategic insights into real estate development and investment decisions, as well as on-going asset and property portfolio management decisions. Furthermore, it provides valuable insight into policy and regulatory initiatives impacting commercial and residential real estate markets.

Our team has pioneered new areas of research and has played a leading role in assessing recent policy initiatives on behalf of the real estate sector. Our proprietary research covers all major property types.

In addition to collecting transactional information for property sales and financings, Delfi Partners & Company analyses thoroughly and interprets such data as capitalisation rates, pricing and sales volumes by geography, as well as trends in major macroeconomic indicators. Furthermore, our Company quantifies the effect of key macroeconomic factors on residential and commercial property rents and prices through advanced econometric modeling, and identifies trends that affect the liquidity of commercial real estate around EMEA and SEE.

The key services include:

  • Real estate financial modelling
  • Real estate market econometric modeling and forecasting for both residential and commercial property (including offices, retail, industrial, hotels, special-use, etc)
  • Price and rent forecast sensitivity analysis and risk assessment
  • Development and forecasting of residential and commercial property price indices for specific geographies
  • Capital analytics
  • Economic and real estate market performance monitoring (Cyprus, Greece, SEE, EMEA)
  • Securitisation and mortgage analysis
  • Indexation
  • Automated Valuation Model Valuation Platform

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